Our Company


4 Morphis was founded in 2013 and is focused on delivering conversion tools legacy to web based technologies.

Addicted to Software

We love software, we love good software and hate the bad stuff. we want you to love our software.

Forward Thinking

We develop a product which makes sure that all of your years of hard work and investments gets repurposed as new shiny mobile ready software.

Problem Solvers

We are going to keep going until there are no more Oracle Forms left on the planet. You find a problem we try and fix it, you get it as soon as we have it and it costs you nothing. Period.

Customer Support

We love happy customers, we want you to love our software. Call us if you need support. Disclaimer – not good on relationship issues! Better with software.

Our Story

We started with a problem, a big one. We had one big monster of an Oracle forms application and realised no one wanted to buy Oracle Forms applications. We had 3 choices, 1) a slow death 2) re write every Oracle Form that we had all 1700 of them or 3) write something that could convert pretty much all of these forms automatically. We chose the last one and that is why we are here today.

  • Key words included in CMF 80%
  • Average Number of Forms Converted First Time 92%
  • Customer Happiness 97%