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Our Oracle forms conversion

project was originally scoped

for 600 days and completed

by me in just two weeks

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I just converted our entire

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So what is 4Morphis?

4Morphis takes old applications and automatically converts them to mobile and web applications. At the moment a lot of organisations are faced with having to buy again, rebuild or limp along on old applications while their users are looking for mobile enabled apps. The options are usually pretty expensive, mean starting again and take time. 4Morphis solves this problem.

We use legacy code from other platforms and use 4Morphis to automatically convert this to mobile and web applications. Currently we are shipping 4Morphis Oracle Forms Converter but we also have the Morpho XML schema which partners can use to map other legacy technologies into.

So what is 4 Morphis Oracle Forms Converter?

4Morphis Oracle Forms Converter takes applications written in Oracle Forms and converts them to HTML5 EXTJS applications which can run in a browser (without a Java download) or on a mobile phone. Typically this kind of project took a long time to complete and companies or ISV’s binned their legacy Oracle Forms application and started again. Now you don’t have to do this. Think of it as recycling for software.

Who uses 4Morphis OFC?

Well everyone who has an Oracle Forms application. Some of these people are ISV’s, some are consultancy companies and some are organisations who have in house Oracle Forms applications.

Why should I use it?

Who wants to use Oracle Forms, they are grey and boring to look at, then there is all of that Java download business and they don’t run on mobile. You could re write your application and you can if it is small, (we give you 5 forms for free) but 4 Morphis is so quick and so easy to use.

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CMF is ground breaking, revolutionary we are talking about a piece of software doing in two weeks what 20 developers would have needed 2 years to do. David Welch

CTO, Core International


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